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Happy Birthday Robert Gibson, July 19!!!
Happy Birthday Rickey Morton, September 21!!!

AWE Promo (Uploaded Sept 16)
Live on Internet PPV Saturday October 15

Live on Internet PPV Saturday Oct 15
from Fisherville, VA
Awesome Wrestling Entertaiment presents: Night of the Legends

(Since I am not in contact with either Ricky Morton or Robert Gibson at present. I cannot take bookings.
I will however post Wrestling and Autograph shows)
Appearances:  2011
September 11: Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson vs The Infernos Woodstock, WC AWE
October 15: Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson vs Kevin Nash & Doug Gibson Fisherville, VA (AWE)
April 16: Franklin, PA ICW Nig
ht of Legends: Ricky & Robert vs Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey w/Jim Cornette
May 14: Nashville, TN Tribute to the Fairgrounds II/Make a Wish Fundraiser The Rock-n-Roll Express vs Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey
Recent Wrestling Results:
2010/June 20: Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated The Axis of Evil to reclaim the MACW Tag Team Title Stockbridge, GA
2010/May 26 Ricky Morton beat TMA (KCW)
2010/May 25: KFW Champion Chase Owens beat Ricky Morton
2010/May/22  Robert Gibson & Rikki Roberts defeated Wade Garrett & Joe Kane Mobile, AL
2010/May 01: Rikki Nelson & Buff Bagwell beat The Rock-n-Roll Express to regain the MACW Tag Team Title Anderson, SC
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History of the The Rock-n-Roll Express vs The Midnight Express (Added 3/22/2010)
Several Independents Matches late 2009-early 2010 Updated
RRX Signed Photos (Returned) 9/29/09
New Video Vault Added 9/22/09
This New/Official Fan Website is dedicated to My All Time Favorite Team: Rock & Roll Express

I became a fan in mid 1986 during their chase to regain the NWA World Tag Team Title from The Midnight Express (Condrey & Eaton).
My first live show was August 16, 1986, the Philadelphia Civic Center 10th row.  

Philadelphia, PA - Civic Center - August 16, 1986
Dick Murdoch defeated Steve Regal
Wahoo McDaniel pinned Baron Von Raschke
Ivan Koloff & Krusher Kruschev defeated Dutch Mantell & Bobby Jaggers
Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated NWA Tag Team Champions Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey in a 2/3 Falls Match to win the titles, 2-1

#1: Gibson pinned Eaton; 
#2: Condrey pinned Gibson;
#3: Morton pinned Condrey
Best of 7 Series for United States Title: Magnum TA wrestled Nikita Koloff to a double count out; Special Referee Bob Geigel

Inside Wrestling Magazine December 1986 (Article: Morton & Gibson regain the NWA World Tag Team Title!) Added 10/01/09


Tribute to Ricky Gibson (1952-2006)
(Robert Gibson's brother)
Tribute to Paul Morton
(Ricky Morton's father)
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