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World Championship Wrestling

The Boss

WCW Saturday Night Taping Atlanta, GA - Center Stage Theater
- WCW International World Champion Rick Rude defeated Davey Boy Smith via forfeit in a non-title match; Smith was introduced for the bout but failed to appear; moments later, the Boss ran in the ring and began assaulting Rude which led to an impromptu match
- The Boss pinned WCW International World Champion Rick Rude in a non-title match [10:29] with the sidewalk slam; the Boss wore his blue WWF attire for the bout; Okerlund conducted a ringside interview with the Boss regarding his arrival to WCW, during which he called Rude a criminal and said he wanted Rude's belt (Ray Traylor's surprise return after a nearly 6-year absence)

94/01/10  WCW Saturday Night Taping Atlanta, GA Center Stage Theatre
Ric Flair & Sting & the Boss defeated Rick Rude & Steve Austin & Ron Simmons

94/01/11  WCW Saturday Night Taping Atlanta, GA Center Stage Theatre (Aired 93/01/29)
- (Aired: 1/29/93) The Boss defeated Bobby Eaton
- (Aired: 2/5/94) The Boss defeated the Equalizer

94/01/27 Clash of the Champions XXVI - Baton Rouge, LA - Riverside Centroplex (Shown live on TBS)
Brian Pillman pinned Col. Rob Parker (w/Steve Austin) with a roll up after Parker became distracted by the Boss chasing Austin backstage after he attempted to interfere. Parker attempted to leave ringside at the 3-minute mark until the Boss appeared on the ramp to block his exit, with the Boss then remaining ringside for the rest of the match.

94/01/31 Television Taping Macon, GA
(Aired: 3/27/94) The Main Event:  Ron Simmons wrestled the Boss to a double count-out when both men brawled their way backstage after Simmons grabbed the Boss' nightstick

94/02/10 SuperBrawl IV  Albany, GA - Civic Center 
WCW World Champion Ric Flair defeated Vader (w/ Harley Race) in a Thundercage Match Special Referee: The Boss (when guest referee the Boss stopped the match as Flair had Vader in the figure-4, but he never asked Vader if he wanted to submit; the Boss was attacked from behind and handcuffed to the cage by Vader at the 7:30 mark, who then used the Boss' nightstick on the champion)

94/04/17 Spring Stampede 94 - Chicago, IL - Rosemont Horizon
Vader (w/ Harley Race) pinned the Boss (with the moonsault, moments after the Boss kicked out of a Vader Bomb; after the bout, the Boss fought off an interfering Race before beating down both Vader and Race with the nightstick; moments later, WCW Commisioner Nick Bockwinkel intervened and escorted the Boss backstage; Ventura then interviewed the Boss and Bockwinkel backstage in which Bockwinkel took away the nightstick and handcuffs and said, in his opinion, he was no longer "the Boss" because of the way he handled himself after the match

(World Wrestling Federation sued that
Ray Traylor's WCW character name Boss and image were too close to the former WWF character Big Bossman)

The Angel

94/06/23 Clash of the Champions XXVII - Charleston, SC - North Charleston Coliseum
The Guardian Angel pinned Tex Slazenger with the sidewalk slam [1:45]. Prior to the bout,a vignette was shown of the former Boss becoming a member of the Guardian Angels
(Ray Traylor's in-ring debut as the Angel) 

94/07/14 Bash at the Beach 94 - Orlando, FL - Arena
Vader (w/ Harley Race) defeated the Guardian Angel via disqualification [7:58]
(when the referee stopped the match after he saw the Angel with a nightstick, moments after Angel stole it away from Race_

94/08/07 Atlanta, GA - Center Stage Theatre
(The Main Event/Live on TBS) The Guardian Angel defeated Vader via reverse decision

94/08/17 WCW Saturday Night Taping Atlanta, GA - Center Stage Theatre 
(Aired: 9/17/94) The Guardian Angel defeated Tex Slazenger

94/09/18 Fall Brawl 94 - Roanoke, VA - Civic Center
Vader (w/ Harley Race) pinned the Guardian Angel [7:07] with the Vader Bomb after Race interfered and hit a headbutt on Angel, as referee Nick Patrick was knocked down, as Angel had Vader covered following the sidewalk slam. Prior to the bout, WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel had Vader, Angel, and Sting come out to see who would wrestle first in the scheduled triangle match; after Sting received the bye, Vader and Sting had a confrontation before the Angel told Sting he would handle it.

94/09/10 WCW Saturday Night Taping Atlanta, GA - Center Stage Theatre
(Aired: 9/24/94) The Guardian Angel defeated Vader (w/ Harley Race) via disqualification when Race interfered

94/10/23 Halloween Havoc 94 - Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena
Vader (w/ Harley Race) pinned the Guardian Angel [8:19] with a splash immediately after Angel brought Race into the ring with a suplex. Prior to the bout, Angel was escorted to the ring by members of the Guardian Angels; following the ring entrances, the Angel beat up Race inside the ring before kicking him to the floor.

94/11/07 WCW Saturday Night Taping Atlanta, GA - Center Stage Theatre
(Aired: 1/7/95) The Guardian Angel defeated Carl Fergie